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 Jak and Daxter the story

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PostSubject: Jak and Daxter the story   Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:52 pm

Character Bios


Jak is one of the main characters in the Jak and Daxter series, being a title and playable character in all games in the series (with the exception of Daxter (game)). From his debut in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, he has undergone many changes in his body - both internal and external - and matured into a fully grown man, with a constant thirst for some action. He is the character the player controls the most throughout the series.

here is jak frome J&D:TPL to JX


Daxter is the secondary character from the Jak & Daxter video game series. He's also Jak's sidekick. He is technically an Ottsel, though also a Precursor.
It is unknown if Daxter has a family. Possibly, he is an orphan raised by Samos or another village resident. What is known is that Jak and Daxter are life-long friends, always getting each other into trouble along the way.


Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacey

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Is the first game in Jak and Daxter series, one of the first games on Playstation 2 and considered to be one of the best games on this console and one of the best platformers.

In this game player is given an opportunity to explore the big world with some interesting physical effects like becoming wet after getting into the water, having the overview of the world from high points and active changing of day and night, fighting enemies, solving puzzles and completing minigames. (Remember this game came out in 2001)

The story begins with Samos the Sage, the master of Green Eco, speaking cryptically of the Precursors, the masters of the universe and creators of all life on the planet. As he still has questions of their existence, Samos is searching for answers. He elaborates on two young boys, the fifteen-year-old Jak (who refuses to heed Samos' teachings) and his best friend Daxter. The two decide to make their way to Misty Island, the one place Samos told them not to go.

Gol Acheron, the sage of Dark EcoThey arrive on the island just in time to witness a large gathering of Lurkers before two twisted figures looking for Artifacts hidden within the village and also preparing to attack the village as well. Jak and Daxter, worried by what they are seeing, try to escape the island, when they find a pool of Dark Eco. While approaching the pool, Daxter discovers a small Eco barrel after tripping on it. Daxter tosses it to Jak, and it lights up in his hands. A Lurker commander (who heard something when Jak and Daxter tried to escape) suddenly shows up, and attacks them.

Both of the boys panic and Jak throws the Eco barrel at the Lurker, which explodes, the force of the explosion throws Jak backwards into Daxter. Daxter falls into the pit of Eco below. Jak is devastated for a minute, believing that his best friend is dead, but Daxter is spat back out unharmed. Jak looks at him strangely, and Daxter realizes he has a tail. He screams in fright; Because of his short dip in the Dark Eco pool, he had been changed into an Ottsel.

They return to Sandover Village and seek help from Samos, but he explains that he couldn't help Daxter even if he wanted to. He adds that only Gol Acheron, the Sage of Dark Eco, can help change Daxter back, but they would have to travel far north, to where Gol lives. He explains that he could have teleported them there, but that the Teleporter Rings doesn't work, as the other Sages haven't turned theirs on for quite a while.

The route they have to travel is blocked by the Fire Canyon, and to traverse it Jak and Daxter need a Zoomer vehicle powered by powercells. In order to power up the Zoomer's heat shield, Jak and Daxter need to find a certain amount of Power Cells. Keira, Samos' daughter, is mechanically adept and had built one.

After a training part, They begin their adventure into the dangerous parts of the land in search of the Power Cells. They soon recover enough to power the heat shield and journey through Fire Canyon aboard their Zoomer. At the end of the canyon is Rock Village, which is being destroyed by a giant Lurker named Klaww. In addition to this, the Blue Sage who watches over the village has mysteriously vanished.

Jak and Daxter find themselves in search of more power cells to power an anti-gravity device that will unblock the way to Klaww's lair. After opening a path up the mountain, they defeat Klaww and ride down the mountain to the Volcanic Crater. Jak then makes his way to the Red Sage's laboratory, where he learns that all of the other sages have been kidnapped by the same figures who command the Lurkers.

The Oracle of the Volcanic CraterThe kidnappers turn out to be Gol and Maia. Jak must recover more Power Cells to fuel an upgraded form of Keira's heat shield. Their task complete, Jak and Daxter use the Zoomer to navigate the Lava Tube to the Yellow Sage's laboratory, where they activate the warp ring so that Keira can come through. Once she arrives, she tearfully regales that Samos has been captured as well. Journeying through Gol and Maia's citadel, Jak and Daxter succeed in freeing the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green Sage, and then travel up an elevator to the top of the Dark Eco Silo. There they confront Gol and Maia who have pieced together the ruins of a Precursor Robot in order to open the silos and release the Dark Eco inside. Jak battles the pair, but only defeats them with the help of a White Eco source. Daxter realizes that the White Eco would change him back to normal, but instead decides to allow Jak to save the world with it. Jak channels the White Eco through his body, and beams the energy towards the robot, disabling it and ruining Gol's and Maia's plans.

The two are then locked into the silos and said to be destroyed by the Dark Eco's power and to have died, but Samos has his doubts about the two being completely destroyed and dead, hinting that they might return.

After the adventure has ended, our heroes find an ancient Precursor Ring near to the silo where Gol and Maia were imprisoned that is explained more in the sequel, Jak II.


Daxter is the title of the fifth released game in the Jak and Daxter series( Second chronologically). It is the only game in the series featuring Daxter as the main protagonist, with Jak making only a few cameos. It was released on the PSP and was developed by Ready At Dawn studios.

The Story begins during the first cutscene in Jak II. It shows Jak's capture by Erol and the Krimzon Guards, but Daxter manages to escape. Almost 2 years later, Daxter is in a bar telling one of his tall tales to a group of men. After the men leave, a man listening in asks him to tell him "the one about how he can knock guards silly with a single blow". The man then introduces himself as Osmo who works for the Kridder Ridder Extermination Company and asks Daxter if he'd like a job working for him. Daxter refuses but Osmo gives him the job any way.

After a successful job at the Westside Hotel, Daxter meets Taryn at the Construction Site, and she gives him a Spray Pack. After completing a few more jobs (including an encounter with a Hive Queen), Daxter sees Jak in a Prison Transport Zoomer. He attempts to rescue Jak, but the Prison Zoomer leads him straight into a group of Krimzon Guards. Luckily, Ximon, Osmo's son, rescues Daxter and explains there's something brewing at a tanker in the port. Watching nearby is Kaeden, who's been trying to shut down every Extermination Company in Haven City so the Metal Heads and Metal Bugs can get into the city under the command of Metal Kor, the Metal Head leader.

the daxter trailer After cleaning up the tanker he meets Tik, who becomes Daxter's sidekick. In the port he meets up with Taryn who gives him a Sprayer upgrade, a Flamethrower attachment. Taryn makes a bet with Daxter that if he can clean up the Distillery and Fish Cannery they'll call it even. After that and several other jobs, he sets off some alarms in a tanker. He finds that this tanker was meant to be delivered to the Baron's Palace.

At the palace Daxter and Ximon run into Erol and a Krimzon Guard who tells them to be quick with their exterminating. Along the way he finds the map to where Jak is and some clothes for him. Back at The Kridder Ridder shop Osmo is arguing with Kaeden. Kaeden spots Tik and kills him. He walks out of the shop with Daxter following in rage. Little do they know that Kaeden planted a bomb in the shop which explodes with Osmo inside. Luckily, Osmo survives but his business is gone. Daxter swears he'll get revenge on Kaeden but he has to go save his friend Jak. With help from Ximon, he gets into the fortress and so his quest to save Jak begins.

Meanwhile, Metal Kor tells Kaeden that Daxter must not be allowed to rescue Jak. But if he fails he could still meet them outside and transforms into human Kor. After sneaking through the Krimzon Guard infested prison, he's almost about to rescue Jak when Kaeden arrives and asks if he likes killing Metal Bugs. Before Daxter can answer Kaeden transforms into Metal Kaeden and attacks Daxter. After an intense battle Kaeden says that whatever happens, the city will be theirs anyway, and falls dead. Daxter then heads off to save Jak and the game ends.

Jak II(2)

Jak II is the second game in the Jak and Daxter (series),and the third chronologically. Jak II is darker and more mature than the first game.

At the end of The Precursor Legacy, Jak, Daxter, Samos and Keira discovered and began to repair the Rift Rider and Rift Gate found in Gol and Maia's Citadel. After they've fixed it up, Jak pressed a button on the Rift Rider and accidentally opened the Rift Gate. A swarm of black creatures fly out and a huge monster emerged, causing the group to panic and hit several buttons on the console for the Rift Rider. Jak accidentally activated the launch for the console, which caused them to escape the monster, but sent them headlong into the Rift Gate, where the Rift Rider explodes, separating the group. We follow Jak and Daxter, who ended up in a dystopia called Haven City. Jak was immediately captured by Erol and several Guards for unknown reasons. Daxter ran off and vowed to save Jak (triggering the events of Daxter).
Inside the Fortress where he was taken, Jak was experimented on for two years as part of Baron Praxis' Dark Warrior Program. After seeing that there were no visible effects on Jak, the Baron decided that the Dark Eco tests on Jak were a failure, and ordered Erol to terminate him. Erol left after promising Jak 'he'd be back later'. Daxter then shows up to rescue Jak, and briefly saw how much the Dark Eco has indeed affected Jak when he transformed into an alter ego, known outside the game as Dark Jak, and almost attacked his own friend. Afterward, they escaped the Krimzon Guard Fortress. Once outside, they met an old man named Kor and a young child, who Jak promptly saved from a group of Krimzon Guards. Kor told Jak as part of a quick agreement to go see The Shadow, who was the leader of The Underground movement whose aim was to overthrow Baron Praxis and put the true heir, the young child with Kor, on the throne.

Upon finding the Underground Headquarters, however, Jak and Daxter met Torn, a high-ranking member of the Underground who assigns most missions. He refuses to let Jak and Daxter see the Shadow until they prove themselves. After Jak proved his worth to the Underground, but not his right to see the Shadow, Torn sent the duo on a "delivery" to the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon where they met Krew and Sig, who tell Jak and Daxter that Haven City is at war with an alien race called the Metal Heads. In thanks for the package, Sig gave Jak the scatter gun and Jak, Daxter, and Sig went outside the city walls to destroy some Metal Heads. Torn later sent Jak and Daxter to blow up an ammo dump in the Krimzon Guard fortress. There they found a group of guards giving Eco to some more Metal Heads. Also, they found a red security gate clearance pass. Returning to Torn they realized that Baron Praxis was working with the Metal Heads to stay on the Throne, as the war was a distraction from Praxis' harsh government. Torn then sent them to rescue Vin, a paranoid scientist who was stranded at a strip mine. Afterward, they met Ashelin, a high ranking member of the Krimzon Guard, who unbeknownst to the rest of the guard, is working with The Underground. Krew sent Jak to meet a racing manager down in the stadium, who they later find out is Keira. Torn eventually tells Jak that the "Shadow" wants them to stop the Metal Heads from reaching "The Sacred Site" outside the city wall, in order to protect an important artifact from the Metal Heads. At the end of the mission, Jak and Daxter made a horrifying discovery. They found that the Sacred Site is actually Samos' hut, meaning that they were in the future of their own world. Just after discovering this, they met The Underground's leader. The Shadow turned out to be a younger Samos, who surprisingly to Jak and Daxter, didn't recognize them.

Despite having to deal with a younger (and possibly even grouchier) Samos, they pushed on to more important matters. They were told that the Kid with Kor was important because, as heir to the throne of Mar, he could open The Tomb of Mar, which hid the Precursor Stone, which was critical to win the war against the Metal Heads. Activating a beam in the forest Jak and Daxter destroyed a statue of Baron Praxis revealing that the Tomb was under it the whole time. After taking the kid to the tomb, the Oracle states that the Kid was too young to face the Trials of Manhood, and begins to shut the door. Jak and Daxter dove underneath it as it closed in order to find the Precursor Stone. After they managed to complete the Trials Of Manhood, the duo enterrd the main room, which held the Precursor Stone. They learned there, thanks to an Oracle, that the Metal Heads were responsible for destroying the Precursors. Baron Praxis then arrived, and despite Jak's efforts, managed to escape with it. Back at the Hideout, Torn revealed that he sold the Underground out to prevent Praxis from killing Ashelin, who was Praxis' daughter. This caused a capture of several members of the Underground, who Jak and Daxter headed to the Fortress to rescue.. After they freed them, Jak and Daxter were shocked to find that there were two Green Sages--the young who led the underground, and the old who was taken into the Rift with them. Returning to base, both of the Samos sent Jak to find the Life Seed in his old hut, the Sacred Site, which would give Young Samos the power his older self had. Samos revealed that he was harvesting the Life Seed from the great tree in the hut years before they went through the rift. After escorting young Samos to the forest, he learns from Samos' meditations that Praxis plans to crack open the Stone to destroy the Metal Heads, which, while effectively destroying the Metal Heads, would unfortunately destroy everything else in existence as well.

Later, Keira revealed she has nearly completed a replica Rift Rider based on the one that carried them into their current time, but was still missing two pieces--the Heart of Mar, and the Time Map. Jak soon after ran the Class-One race against Erol. Jak won, then gained an entrance pass to Praxis' Palace as part of his prize, but Praxis ordered the guards to kill him upon realizing who he was. Jak and Daxter escaped due to Erol trying to run them down because he lost, missing, and crashing into several barrels of Dark Eco, which presumably killed him. At the Palace, Ashelin held Jak at gun point demandng to know why he has been sabotaging Praxis' war with the Metal Heads. She didn't believe him when he told her that her father's plan to crack the Precursor Stone would destroy the planet, until she called Vin, who managed to convince her. She then told Jak and Daxter that Krew was building something for the Baron at a secret weapons factory in order to help Jak and Daxter any way she could. Jak and Daxter proceeded to the factory, and Krew revealed the Piercer Bomb, which could destroy the Precursor Stone. Krew then gave Jak the Peacemaker, telling them to forget what they saw but they refused and fought Krew in order to stop his plan. Though soon defeated, Krew managed to activate the bomb in a last ditch effort to kill Jak and Daxter. They escaped with Ashelin only to discover that the Metal Heads have breached Haven City due to another treachery of Krew. Afterward, they become worried for Sig, who was sent on 'one last mission' by Krew. After finding him in the Underport using the Titan Suit, he revealed that the Metal Heads were coming in through a passage Krew had him open. After making it to the elevator out of the Underport, Sig was eaten when a large Metal Head that had chased them through the Underport crashed through it. Back in the city, Vin communicated that Kor sabotaged the Shield wall, and was immediately cut off as Metal Heads invade the Power Room. A last comm is a short fragment- "Construction Site". They headed there immediately. At the city construction site Jak confronted Praxis, but was surprised to see Kor there. Kor tells Jak that in his darkest nightmares, he already knows why he's there. Kor then took on his true form as the Metal Head Leader. He demanded the Precursor Stone, but Praxis refuseed, making a heroic final front against Kor. Kor promptly struck him and his guards with a powerful eco blast, sending them flying, and took off flying in his true state. After pulling rubble off of him, Praxis showed the two heroes a second, backup Piercer Bomb which truly hid the Precursor Stone. He died, and Daxter successfully recovered the Stone, disarming the bomb.

Heading to the Metal Head Nest, Jak and Daxter faced Kor, learning he has both the child and the Rift Ring. Kor revealed that the boy is really a younger Jak. Jak was sent to the past to gain the skills to face Kor, but Kor taunts Jak, because Jak no longer had the 'inner light' needed to open the stone due to his Dark Eco exposure. After a climactic battle, the Metal Head Leader attempted to flee through the Ring. He crashed into it, severing his Head and damaging the ring. Young Jak touched the Stone, to release a Precursor, who departed through the disintegrating ring. Keira and the Green Sages finally arrived with the Rift Rider and send the young Jak and Samos to the past in order to keep the timeline correct. As the Rider departed through the Gate, Old Samos, who stayed, remarked, "It's funny, the boy won't remember any of this." Jak shakes his head and replied nostalgically, " No, I do remember the light..."

The group celebrated victory over the Metal Heads at Krew's old place, which Daxter took over for himself and remade into "The Naughty Ottsel". Sig showed up to the excitement of all of the people at the party, having survived his seemingly final battle with the Metal Heads, and Samos initiates a contemplative moment over the deaths of Vin and all of the other people who gave their lives. Then Sig gave Jak the Ruby King, an artifact with the ability to bypass all security in Haven, and said he was the designated driver. After Jak grins and adamantly said he was done with adventures, Samos then said he thought they might meet Mar someday, commenting that he may be closer than they think. The game fades into a celebratory, firework filled night.

Jak 3

Jak 3 is the third released (fourth chronologically) in the Jak and Daxter series.

The plot is about a war in Haven City between 3 factions. The Freedom League, the Metal Heads, and the KG Deathbots. (Although The Metal Heads and the KG join forces later on in the game.)

Jak 3 begins with Jak being banished from Haven City by Count Veger for his supposed crimes towards Haven City. Ashelin gives Jak a beacon before she leaves with Veger and the guards. Pecker and Daxter stay behind with Jak as he is left in the Wasteland. As they trail along the painful deserts, they all pass out from the heat and lack of water. They are found by a group of scavengers due to the beacon, and they are taken to the city of Spargus. Jak and Daxter then meet Damas, king of Spargus, who has an important missions for Jak. If Jak completes these missions, Damas will allow Jak to stay in Spargus.

Jak accepts this offer, and he and Daxter go through several intense objectives, such as battling giant Metal Heads in one of many dune buggies of Kleiver's in the desert. Pecker becomes an advisor to Damas. As Jak endures the heroic missions, he meets recognizable friends from Jak II such as Ashelin, who begs him to return to Haven City. Jak refuses to go back due to his anger of being banished, even when she mentions that Haven City is overrun by KG Deathbots and Metal Heads.

As the story progresses, the dynamic duo encounter very strange and twisted creatures. They later learn after using the Astro viewer that these beings are Dark Makers. Jak learns that the Dark Makers were once Precursors, but succumbed to the exposure of Dark Eco, and in the process, became evil. What Jak discovers in the telescope is a Dark Maker spaceship, and it is proceeding towards the planet. Jak and Daxter learn that the only way to rid the evil coming towards their planet is to activate the planetary defense system. But, there's a twist: the location of the planetary defense system is in the planet's core. And so after taking care of some Deathbots and Metal Heads, Jak and Daxter begin their trek to the Planet Core.

On their way, Jak and Damas team up to fight their enemies, but their vehicle was overturned after being hit by a missile. Jak survived, but Damas is fatally wounded by being crushed under it. but Before dying, Damas shows Jak the same pendant necklace that had been found on Jak's younger self in Jak II. Once Damas is gone, Jak realizes that he was his father. Veger reveals to Jak the truth and heads toward the planet's core and Jak presses onward. Once at the core, they meet a small quorum of Precursors. These Precursors, who after a trilogy of games were unknown, turn out to be Ottsels like Daxter, and send them to the Dark Maker ship to buy some time as the planetary defense system charges. The mission is a success, but not completely, for a giant spider-like mechanism comes crashing down on the ship, and Jak is forced to battle in one last fight. It is during this fight, as Jak ascends to the peak of the mechanism, that Jak meets Errol once again. Errol is now a cyborg remaining with just half of his face, after his terrible and explosive collision with his zoomer and some barrels of eco in Jak II. After a climactic duel, Jak defeats Errol and the Terraformer. It is presumed that Errol is destroyed with the terraformer as he was shot by Jak's Peace Maker.

The story ends with Jak and Daxter with their allies, celebrating their mighty victory against the evils that nearly destroyed the planet. The Precursors have the ability to change Daxter back, but instead Daxter just asks for pants, which he'd often talked about wanting throughout Jak II and Jak 3. After wishing she could have a pair of pants just like Daxter's, the Precursors grants Tess' wish by turning her into an Ottsel. Count Veger had also been turned into one, after asking the Precursors if he could be like them, without knowing at that point what it meant. The game ends with the Jak revealing that his birth name was Mar, the legendary warrior. The Precursors ask Mar to join them to see the universe, but Mar just stays behind knowing he couldn't leave Daxter behind.
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Jak and Daxter the story
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