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 The Technology of Corruption

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Anno 'R
Anno 'R

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PostSubject: The Technology of Corruption   Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:30 pm

The Technology of Corruption will be explained if detail here, from the methods of laser projection, to Riftspace Technology.



Level 1: Low caliber pistols.
Level 2: SMGs.
Level 3: High powered hanguns.
Level 4: Low powered assault rifles.
Level 5: Mid-range, standard issue assault rifles.
Level 6: LMGs.
Level 7: Minigun.
Level 8: Snipers.
Level 9: Extremely heavy Anti-Infantry.


Level 1: Light Turrets.
Level 2: Fighter Cannons.
Level 3: Heavy Fighter Cannons.
Level 4: Torpedoes.
Level 5: Heavy Cannons. Can take out mutliple targets.
Concentration 2
Concentration 3
Concentration 4
Concentration 5
Concentration 6
Concentration 7
Concentration 8
Concentration 9
Concentration 10(Requires an entire platform to contain it. Shots can destroy massive ships in a single shot.)



Level 1: Fragmentation Grenade.
Level 2: Remote Charges.
Level 3: Proximity Mines.
Level 4: Handheld Rocket Launcher.
Level 5: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Air weaponry.


Lasers can be concentrated by placing multiple emitters in one cannon. For example, Ultra-Heavy Level 5 cannons are three emitters in one casing. When fired, the beams merge into a single beam and are more destructive then a regular cannon. The highest concentration is found in orbital defense platforms, which have ten total emitters.

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PostSubject: Re: The Technology of Corruption   Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:32 pm

Xillians Techology

Xillians didn't thrive on technology as much as other races and in most ways they stuck to basic forms technology. However recently they began trading with other races "service for technology" meaning their ships and weapons have been ugraded somewhat. One thing Xillians perfected in terms of technology is their active camflage system. Its so efficient and reliable that its considered the best even by other race's standards. it bends the light around the user there for making them "invisable". It can work for several hours and recharges whenever its deactivated. Another thing that Xillians created was their extremely durable armor. Made from a material harvested from Their homeworld's Outer Core, Its extremely heat resistant. It absorbs incoming heat and if its concentrated in one point enough its reflects it. Unfortunately the armor doesn't cover the wearer's full body and its leaves certain parts exposed.

Xillians dont have war ships and fleets, instead they rely on the aid of allys and races whom they made deals with. Xillian ships each have camflage and radar jamming technology. Most of the ship technology is a combination of many different races technology. Each ship is armed with several EMP cannons, which are used either allow the Xillian ship a safe escape for to unleash bording parties to take the ships manually.

Xillian Weapons use mostly laser technology of their own design.

Shade Rifle - Used by any and all Xillians. an elegant design that is useful for almost all ranges of fire. it has an orb just behind the barrel that sets what kind of firing by expanding or contracting. The more it expands the more wide range the shots will be, better for close range fights. the more it contracts or shrinks will make the shots more concentrated at a single point, making them more powerful suitable for more long range firing.

Shade Pistol - a small, light version of the shade rifle that uses most of the same orb techology but is considerably weaker and slower.

Shade Longshot - a long and powerful version of the shade rifle that doesn't use the orb technology. It fires a single blue shot that is extremely concentrated. Only two shots and be used in rapid succession or else it will overheat and need to take a few vital seconds to cool as a result. Its only used by Xillian sharpshooters who wear a special lens over their right eye to help them aim with incrediable accuracy.

Wraith Sword - An extremely powerful close range weapon used by only Gold ranked Xillians also known as Commanders. Each sword is unique because only one is made for each Commander. Engraved into the sword are symbols which explain the reason for the Commander recieving his Rank, these symbols glow when the sword is activated. The sword is made by combining their metal with the same material used in the Xillian armor. The blade is the sword is polished many times over to eliminate any imperfections. The hilt is designed by the Commanders themselves. inside the hilt extremely hot blue plasma is generated and circulates throughout the blade, lighting up the symbols and allowing it to cut through nearly anything. They can also be customized in terms of abilities. For example one might be set to release the plasma cirulating through the blade while they're swinging it with enough force, making the plasma shoot out and cut through the air at a target. The blade would need to be refilled after these however.
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PostSubject: Re: The Technology of Corruption   Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:44 pm

The Arcitians possess vast amounts of knowledge in creating fleets, weapons, etc. They are proficient in space travel and military industry.


XXR Pulse Rifle - Assault Rifle, Fully Automatic, 20 round clip; fires a laser bullet round (Level 5)
XXS Plasma Rifle - Sniper Rifle, Semi-Automatic, 10 round clip, binocular grade scope; fires a plasmatic laser round (Level 8 )
XXT Pulsegun - Handgun, Semi-Automatic, 8 round clip, hair trigger; fires a laser bullet round (Level 3)
XXX Blaster Rifle - Assault Rifle, Three Round Burst, 19 round clip; fires a burst of laser bullets (Level 4)
CXC Blastergun - Minigun, Fully Automatic/Spool up, 1200 round belt; fires 12 rounds per second (Level 9)
CX Ion Synergy Sword - Long blade composed of titanium alloy enriched with ion-integrated material (Melee)

Fleet Information:
FSAA Pilots - The actual pilots of large spacecraft and starfighters. Rigourous training and simulations mold these pilots in to great leaders and navigators of deep space.

FSAA Navigators - These men and women assist the pilots in navigating the galaxy. They are found on every starship in the Arcitian fleet.

FSAA Doctors, Medics, and Nurses - Found in every sick bay on every starship. They do basic to advanced medical operations ranging from surgery, diagnosis, disease treatment and prevention, and PTS symptoms.

FSAA Specialists - Groups of analysts and technicians who run everything on the ship, from shielding systems, life support systems, custodial robots and the cafeteria.

FSAA Gunners - Groups of weapons experts and analysts who control weapons on starships which are armed.

FSAA Fleet Guards - Armed personnel who keep order and protect the personnel. They are on all ships

Starshifter Class Flagship:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for large pulsar bombs and cruise missiles which will degrade the shield.
Armament: Broadside cannons, nose railguns, numerous laser cannons.
The Starshifter flagship is the only one of their class in the Arcitian Armada. Produced in small numbers on the Arcitian homeworld, the Starshifter flagships are capable of destroying other starships in its class and are never seen without cruisers and fighter escort. These flagships carry over 2,000 crewmen, pilots and warriors at all times when on the Trade Route, Known Space, or Deep Space. Generals, political leaders, religious leaders, the Arcitian Prime Minister, and other leaders usually are aboard these flagships. They have a small hanger for elite squadrons only.

Coldfist Class Battlefreighter:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for large pulsar bombs and cruise missiles which will degrade the shield.
Armament: 12 ion batteries (broadside), 6 railguns (main deck)
These battlefreighters double as transport and cargo ships, as well as frigates, armed with six broadside ion batteries on each side. They have weak armor and shields. They travel slowly across the Trade Route, and are not to be seen without fighter escort.

Deckhand Class Carrier:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for shield-breaking weaponry.
Armament: Unarmed
Deckhand class carriers have huge hanger bays for squadrons, and are completely unarmed. They have heavy shielding and armor to compensate for the lack of weapons.

Lifeboat Class Carrier:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect small weapons fire, missiles and ion weaponry.
Armament: Three laser cannons, anti-starfighter/bomber flak cannons
Lifeboat class carriers have huge hanger bays for squadrons, and are almost unarmed. They carry anti-starfighter weapons only the front side of the ship. They are small and utilize speed to release large numbers of starfighters and starbombers. Used sparingly.

Antihero Class Artillery:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for shield-breaking weaponry, artillery weapons, and missiles.
Armament: 3 buster cannons (main deck), eight proton artillery batteries (broadside), various anti-spacecraft weapons
The artillery bracket make up the spine of the fleet. Having four broadside artillery batteries on either side, save for the bow and stern, these are almost unstoppable. The guns on the broadsides are long and wide, and fire extremely volatile proton shells enriched with nitroglycerin. They have fighter escort at all times, however, since they have weaker shields.

Troop Transport
These small ships are heavily shielded, extremely fast and unarmed. They are a living quarters for soldiers in deep space. They need fighter escort at all times.
- Over forty transports are in service of the Arcitian fleet

Victory Class Destroyer:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for shield-breaking weaponry.
Armament: One missile launch bay, six broadside ion cannons, three broadside laser cannons (underneath ion cannons), two proton cannons (above ion cannons), various anti-spacecraft weapons
Destroyers are the last line of defense in the fleet. Heavily armed, and heavily shielded, they cannot be destroyed without bombers or fighter/bombers. Fully loaded with 10 broadside Proton cannons, assorted pulseguns, and longrange cannons.

Cruisers (Deep Space)
Bonecrusher Class Cruiser:
Shielding: At 100% efficiency shields can deflect any projectile fired except for shield-breaking weaponry.
Armament: Three missile bays, two missile platforms (main deck)
Cruisers fire long range plasma warheads enriched with uranium and liquid napalm. Missile bays lay in the hull of the ship, carrying large shipcrushing cruise missiles. Missile platforms on the main deck contain about six small warheads per missile box. They usually wait on standby from far behind the other warships, launching one warhead maybe once an entire battle. The warheads are targeted at flagships, battleships, or carriers, and always cripple them. They require fighter escort.

'SFHK Grunt' Class Starfighters- The SFHK (Starfighter Hunter-Killer), also called the "Grunt" is your basic starfighter. Its sleek body and dual-ion thrusters make it hard to engage and harder to fend off. It can operate in any atmosphere and it space. utilizes speed over shielding and armor, making it cheaper to manufacture but harder to repair. Grunts are armed with two guided rockets, made of treated uranium and enhanced with a small amout of liquid nitrogen to add a bigger bang. In its nose is a cannon that fires lasers at a medium rate of fire. Grunts are favorites ofnavy pilots because they are easy to operate and cheap to buy, sell and produce.

'SFD Stalker' Class Starfighter/Starbombers- A step up from the Grunt is the Starfighter/Destroyer, also known as the "Stalker", a multirole starfighter that is basically a Grunt on steroids. It also operates in any atmosphere and it is even faster, more agile, and heavily armed along with a stronger shield. Stalkers do just what their name intends. They intercept enemy bomber formations or engage fighter squadrons. The pilots of these starfighters are trained longer and tend to have for combat time logged than pilots of the Grunts.

'MRSF Airstrike' Class Anti-Ground/Anti-Battleship Starfighter- The MSRF (Multi-Role Starfighter), also called the Airstrike, resembles today's A-10 Thunderbolt, but utilizes twin ion thrusters and a low cockpit. However, both craft have the same role as a 'tankbuster'. They are rarely seen in space battles and are mostly used as planetside to destroy enemy encampments. A formation of Airstrikes can hinder enemy infantry and vehicle convoys as well as larger spacecraft if engaged in a space battle, such as cruisers or small frigates. Airstrikes travel in a v-formation of six aircraft accompanied with fighter escort. They are armed with two heavy proton bombs, capable of destroying a bunker, hanger or six-story building. They also have two napalm bombs, which set aflame all kinds of terrain, ships and buildings. In their last missile slots are shield generators, rather than having internal ones. Airstrikes also have a minigun-type of pulsegun under the nose of the starfighter, and fire 110,000 rounds a minute (thats about 183 rounds per second!). Pilots that go up in these flying tanks are typically trained to fly a heavy assualt craft such as this on top of their basic training. Most pilots that choose to fly these enlist in the army, not the navy.

'ARC Payload' Class Starbombers- The ARC (Armored Recall Craft), the Payload, is a small bomber than only carries two proton bombs. They look like CIS Star Bombers from Star Wars. They have no other weapons than their proton bombs and are lightly shielded. If unescorted, they are easily overtaken and sometimes whole squadrons of Payloads never return to their hanger.

'ARC Mk.2 Strongarm' Class Heavy Starbombers- The ARC Mk.2 (Armored Recall Craft Mark II), the Strongarm, is a flying bomb itself. Its engine runs on a highly volatile chemicals found from common rock on the meteor Arca 621-DD, where its mined and refined into the chemical that powers this beastly bomber. The ARC Mk.2 is armed with a payload of over 500 proton bombs in its bomb bay, and has two bombs on each wing known as 'Shipcrushers'. Shipcrushers do just as their name implys. Nanobots that activate inside the bomb run through the ship from the point of impact, and annihilate all the ships systems- life support, its engines, so on. However, Strongarms do not stay in hangers of starships, and must leave to battle from planetside. That is why they are almost never seen in battle, on top of the fact that they are so expensive to make.

Ground Force Information:
FSAA Marines - These brave warriors are the backbone for the Arcitian armies. They are strong, smart, and courageous from their one-year basic training. They are given a choice- take training to become a Scout, Medic, or Pilot, but most stay Marines. They wield Pulse Rifles, Pulse Pistols, and their armor and uniforms resemble those of Stormtroopers- except they are usually camouflaged. They have helmets styled as such as well, but have clear cured visors to show their faces.

FSAA Scouts - Scouts are the valiant snipers of the FSAA. They are the Marines that choose another year of advanced training over their first year of basic. They carry long range Pulse rifles with enlongated barrels and muzzles with heavier rounds and binocular-grade scopes. Their main mode of transportation is the Tellorian Armed Hover Flier with slight Arcitian modifications. They can double as field medics and have survival gear. Their armor and uniforms resemble those of the Scouttroopers from Star Wars, but have the same helmets as those of the Marines.

FSAA Medics- These are the Marines that choose advanced surgery and basic medicine training on top their basic training. They tend the wounded, and care for the sick. They are unarmed and have no armor, only uniforms and dress uniforms.

FSAA Ground Pilots- The Marines that take advanced flight skills and deep space navigation on top of their first year of basic training of are pilots. They carry only a plasma pistol and have flight suits much like that of the pilots of today. The only difference between Marines and pilots are the uniforms and the helmets- pilot helmets have no clear visor and have a small viewing lens.

FSAA Sleepers -The Sleepers are taken from the top of their classes when in the rigorous Marines basic training. They are stealthy, deadly, and efficient killers who serve as undercover cells or spies. They have skills like that of a Ninja, and are armed with only various blades and small handguns of their choosing.

Ground Units:
Transport Carriers
'ATU Mita' class dropships- ATU (Armored Transport Unit), the Mita, dropships carry only the Chosen Marines, Scouts, and Medics, along with their weapons. They are like big flying metal boxes with a single turbine engine. They are fast, but much slower than hovercraft. Without Mitas, Arcitian soldiers would have a hard time getting around in only APCs or on foot.

'ATU Giga' Class dropships- ATU Mk.2 Giga dropships are the same as ATUs, but are larger and even slower to accomodate tanks, APCs, and shipments.

'ATT Backstabber' Class Shielded Tank- ATTs (All Terrain Tank), Backstabbers, are the heaviest ground unit in the FSAA military. including heavy armor, heavy shields, and an elongated barrel. Dual neuron turbines power this behemoth, using its bulk to combat enemies. The Backstabber relies on numbers and might to defeat enemy infantry, and two or three Backstabbers are essentially a godsend to an Arcitian platoon thats been pinned down. Backstabbers fire shells crafted out of uranium, zinc, and a small amout of proton energy to reinforce its impact. On its porthole to get inside, it has a mounted pulsegun. It takes three tank pilots to operate this monsterous tank, however, its one major drawback is its susception to air superiortity- if Backstabbers are attacked by aircraft, they are next to helpless, and will fall.

'ATLRT Lionheart' Class Long Range Artillery Tanks- ATLRTs, (All Terrain Long Range Tank), Lionhearts, are similar to artillery trains, but roll on wheels and are much lighter and manuverable. The Lionheart is capable of destroying military installions, bunkers, and airstrips in a matter of minutes, and reloads in close to 2 minutes. It fires a off a battery with a mixture of uranium, proton energy and liquid nitrogen. However, it is a sitting duck if intercepted by aircraft without AA support, or if a large amount of enemy infantry overwhelm it.

'APPC Explorer' Class Heavy Duty APC- The APPC (All Purpose Personnel Carrier), the Explorer carries marines, scouts, and weapons across many surfaces. It is the main form of transportation for the Arcitian armies, and much like today's Stryker, can operate in any weather.

'AATPC Backtrail' Class Hovercraft APC- The AATPC (All Access Troop/Personnel Carrier), the Backtrail, is akin to the Explorer, but is a hovercraft and carries more men. It can go anywhere, land or water. It is not very quiet, and cannot be used for stealth missions.

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Anno 'R
Anno 'R

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PostSubject: Re: The Technology of Corruption   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:15 pm

Tellorian Technology and weaponry:

Infantry Weapons:

SA-4 Lvl 5 Assault Rifle: Fully automatic assault rifle. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through a slot on the top of the weapon. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
RHX-94 Lvl 1 Pistol: Single shot pistol. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through the bottom. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
QZ-9 Lvl 4 Magnum: Single shot magnum. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through the bottom. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
XS-12 Lvl 3 SMG: Fully automatic SMG. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through a slot behind the grip. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
M8 Lvl 9 Anti-Infantry Gun: Single shot unconventional hand-held weapon. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through the back. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
L-2 Lvl 4 Lineshot: Handheld line-firing infantry weapon. Laser ammo cylinders fed in through a slot in the top of the weapon. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
RF-64 Lvl 8 Sniper Rifle: Single Shot sniper rifle. Laser ammo cylinder fed in through a slot on the side of the weapon. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
VMRL Rocket Launcher: Over-the-shoulder rocket launcher. Rockets slotted into the back of the main tube. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.
V-85 Defoiliant Projector: Handheld flamethrower with advanced adhesive capabilities. Formula 8 adhesive combustable fluid container slotted into the bottom. Equipped with a holographic ammo indicator on the side of the weapon.

Tellorian Ships & Vehicles(You may create your own, provided you give a good description):

Ground Vehicles:
Scout Vehicles: Slingshot Class Scout Vehicle
Tanks: H.eavy A.ssault H.over C.raft(HAHC)
Anti-Air: A.nti-S.pacecraft W.alker(ASW)
Walkers: W.alker M.ounted R.ocket L.auncher(WMRL)
Bikes/ATV/Speeder Bike: A.rmed H.over F.lier(AHF)
Troop Transport: Master Class APC

Air Vehicles:
Ground Assualt Craft: Burnout Class Heavy Flier
Drop Ships/Gun Ships: H.eavy A.rmed D.rop S.hip(HADS), Nightwing Class Gun Ship
Fighters: See Space
Bombers: See Space

Sea Vehicles/Sea Infantry:

Patrol Vehicles/Boats: Dart Class Light Aquatic Flier
Troop Transport: Serpent Class Aquatic APC

Vehicles: L.aser M.ounted A.quatic H.overcraft(LMAH)
Cruisers: Whirpool Class Hovering Aquatic Ship(Also a Carrier)
Destroyers: Venom Class Heavy Aquatic Ship

Space Vehicles:

Flag Ships: Ark Class Armed Shielded Cruiser (Including: The Rannis, The Ferris, and The Praetor)
Super Ships: Hades Class Armed Shielded Super Cruiser
Captial Ships: Moon Class Armed Shielded Cruiser
Carriers/Troop Transport/Star Fighter Transport: Lazarus Class Heavy Shielded Carrier
Destroyers: Nightmare Class Heavily Armed Shielded Cruiser
Corvettes/Frigates: Sun Class Lightly Armed Corvette
Fighters: TX34 Fighter, ZX35 Fighter, HX36 Fighter, DX37 Fighter
Superiarty Fighters: UX38 Fighter, CX39 Fighter
Bombers: RR20 Bomber, AA21 Bomber, SS22 Bomber
Scouts: Merryman Class Automated Drones

Slingshot: A small, grey, triangular hovercraft with two wings on either side. It has chin laser cannons, an a seat near the back.

HAHC: HAHCs are large, grey-brown, flattened hovercraft with twin laser cannons on either side for the gunners, and a single heavy cannon on top for the pilot. It flies using replusers, and the cockpit is positioned beneath the heavy cannon. Gunners are seated on either side, next to the cannons.

ASW: One of the Republic of Tellor's largest ground-based units, the ASW resembles a massive cannon on legs. It is designed to take out incoming craft, and is a mobile anti-air weapon. Mostly defenseless, it is escorted by HAHCs.

WMRL: WMRLs are mid-sized, ovular walkers supported by two legs. They have chin laser cannons, and their namesake, a heavy rocket turret mounted in front of the cockpit.

AHF: AHFs are small, low altitude fliers only capable of flying around fifty feet above the ground. They have a triangular shape, and twin laser cannons on the chin.

Master: Masters are hovering APCs, looking rather like an octopus with only four tentecles. The "tentecles" extend from the ball in the center, two going back and two going forward. The pilot sits in the central ball, and the soilders sit in the "tentecles".

Burnouts: Burnouts are heavy assault fliers, equiped with some of the strongest offensive equipment possible for a flier of its size. It can drop a point-mass mine, which is then remotly triggered and causes a destructive field over an area of roughly one hundred feet. It has two laser cannons, as well.

HADS: HADS are large, narrow drop ships capable of holding numerous soilders and vehicles. They are lightly armed with turrets, and need escorts. They are, on the other hand, heavily armored, and will take many shots before going down.

Nightwing: Nightwings are a dark grey color, and are capable of holding a small contigent of troops. They have twin lasers on the top, smaller laser cannons on the wings, and one laser cannon on the ship's chin.

Dart: Darts are basicly aquatic variants of Slingshots, capable of depths of up to sixty feet.

Serpent: Serpents are similer to their land-based counterparts, namely with a large ball for the pilot and tentecle-like areas for the troops. However, Serpents have three extending from the rear of the ball. They are capable of diving to fifty feet.

LMAH: LMAHs are basicly an orb manned by two pilots. One steers, the other fires the lasers. They are completely sealed when the door is shut, and are capable of extremely deep dives of up to three miles.

Whirlpool: Whirlpools are huge, oval-shaped cruisers capable of hovering several feet above the water. They are equiped with batteries of laser cannons.

Venom: Venoms are seemingly a slightly larger variation of the Whirlpool. Looks can be deciving. On closer inspection, Venoms are revealed to be much better armed, with hundreds of laser cannons, ranging from light to heavy.

Ark: Arks are commonly used as flag ships for the Tellorian fleet, and with good reason. The massive ships are well shielded, and hold a large arsenal, ranging from DEMP cannons, to laser torpedo launchers, to laser cannons.

Hades: Hades are even larger then Arks, and are designated as cruiser-killers. They hold much of the same weapons as Arks, only in larger quantities. They are less shielded then Arks, however.

Moon: Moons are, whilst not quite as large as Arks, are still quite large and still quite well-armed. They have no DEMP cannons, and are slightly less shielded then Arks. Still, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Lazarus: Lazarus are lightly armed, and are often escorted by frigates and fighters. They are well shielded, and well armored, but a few good shots from a capital ship can destroy them.

Nightmares: Nightmares are well-named. As large as an Ark and twice as well armed, Nightmares are quite capable of destroying a capital ship on its own. However, they have weak shields, and must be escorted to thier target.

Sun: Suns are lightly armed frigates with a characteristc axe-head appearance. They hold two batteries of laser cannons, and not much else, for weaponry.

TX34: TX34 Fighters are elongated and ovular, with to thin, hooked wings from either side of the oval. They look rather like tusks. The fighter as two chin-mounted laser cannons, and a cockpit postioned near its front. Some have laser torpedoes equiped.

ZX35: ZX35 fighters are a thin oval with two, flat wings extending from the top and the bottom. These wings are foldable, and, from the front, make the fighter look like a large Z. They are all equiped with laser torpedoes.

HX36: HX36 fighters look much like TX34s, save instead of tusk-like wings, they have two H-shaped wings extending from either side of the fighter. In the middle of the Hs, there are laser cannons. On the fighter's chin, there is a large DEMP cannon.

DX37: DX37 fighters are basicly a large D shape with a cockpit in the center. They have a single laser cannon an two DEMP cannons.

UX38: UX38 fighters look like a backwards U with a cockpit positioned on the front. They are equiped with three laser cannons, a DEMP cannon, and a laser torpedeo launcher.

CX39: CX39 fighters look like an E and a C combined, with th cockpit in the center of two, large laser cannons. They have two laser torpedeo launchers.

RR20 Bomber: RR20s have only one weapon; twin bomb ports on the underside. They are the single most powerful bombs of all three bomb types, and are called RR bombs, for which the fighter is named. All bombers are a single, simple oval with two extending, spike like wings on either side.

AA21: AA21s have laser cannons on their wings, and three bomb ports, each designed to drop AA bombs.

SS22: SS22s have four bomb ports and an DEMP cannon. They are commonly used to take out infantry, and other fighters.

Merryman Drone: Merryman Drones are automated scouts, equiped with a single small laser cannon. They are shaped like an oval, with small manipulating limbs.

The PMLS-9803 Anti-Atomic Energy Emitter or "Point Mass Bomb": The Point Mass Bomb is a highly destructive Tellorian weapon. There are several variants, all based on size, but they all have the same function. The Point Mass Bomb emits a field of energy that tears apart matter on a subatomic level, causing anything caught in the field to be utterly annihilated. The most commonly utilized variant is the City-Scale Point Mass Bomb, designed to wipe out entire cities, or Capital Ships. However, there has been several Planetary Point Mass Bombs in the past. Only two were deployed. One was planted on the Vo'Ren infested Valzarex Prime, and another was to be planted on the Vo'Ren Hiveworld. However, the ship carrying the second was shot down.

More to come.

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PostSubject: Re: The Technology of Corruption   Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:17 pm

Arcitian Armor:
Dress Uniform (Marines) - A simple blue and white dress uniform donned by Marines in service of the FSAA when military-related ceremonies are held. They offer little protection.

Dress Uniform (Navy) - A more elaborate blue and yellow dress uniform donned by starship personnel (pilots, sailors and other crewmen) when military-related ceremonies are held. They offer little protection.

Basic Combat Uniform (Marines) - An olive drab three piece uniform consisting of a military button down jacket, olive drab undershirt with two pockets, cargo pants (exposes tail), and leg and foot coverings which protect the feet but expose toes and claws. Also issued with a kevlar vest fitted for Arcitians, knee pads, gun holsters, utility belt, elbow pads
and a bullet/laser resistant helmet.

Basic Uniform (Navy) - Identical to the Marines basic uniform except blue in coloration and without harnesses, backpack, vest, and holsters.

Combat Armor (Marines) - Weighted for ground troops. Light green armor plating that covers the wearer with a black insulated lining to covered the areas that the plates cannot cover. Stamped with the FSAA's Marines' insignia on the breastplate. This armor goes over a basic combat uniform. Similar to Spartan armor from the Halo series. It is resistant to bullets and lasers, but it can't save you from explosions and a direct hit from a grenade or mortar. The helmet that comes with this set of armor covers the head, except a clear cured visor exposes the face, eyes, mouth and nose and are specifically designed for Arcitians.

Combat Armor (Navy) - Weighted for space travel, but nearly identical to Marines armor. Stamped with the FSAA's Navy's insignia on the breastplate. Used by boarding parties and patrol units aboard starships in the FSAA's fleet. They are lighter than the Marine combat armor, and do not protect as much as the ground armor, but in essence are the same. Differences being the weight difference, protection differential and white coloration.

Stealth Combat Suit (SCS) - Exclusive to the Sleepers. They use camera projection built in to the suit to completely camouflage the wearer- acts like invisibility. The suit covers the wearer completely but allows all surroudings to be seen. It has the consistency and mobility of latex, but who needs protection when you're invisible?

Heavy Armor - Exclusive to the FSAA Marine Corps., the heavy armor is a double-thick version of the basic combat armor. It is red in coloration with the FSAA insignia stamped on the breastplate.
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Arcitian Non-Space Aircraft

AG 'Sawblade' - The AG Sawblade (Assault Gunship) flies planetside. The Sawblade cannont go into zero-gravity. This aircraft utilizes a lightweight frame and an engine with a powerful 10 litre 8 cylinder gasoline combustion engine which powers two enclosed rotors (similar to the design of the Sparrowhawk of Halo Wars). This is considered low-tech in comparison to their other aircraft, but the Sawblade gets the job done right. A squadron of four Sawblades come in with doors open. Mounted in the interior of the craft is a minigun that fires over 200 laser rounds per second. On the wings and exterior are numerous buster cannons and missile pods.

AD 'Godsend' - The Godsend is an AD (Assault Dropship) that deploys troops in all weather conditions. It is large, sleek and black in color and can deploy two platoons of Marines or one platoon and one tank or other vehicle.
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Alice Greene

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The Valkyrie are a race of sentiant synthetic androids.
They are humanoid in shape and similar to the Geth(MassEffect) in overall appearance and size. They are capable of speech in most languages.
There military is enormous in size in order to compensate for the mid-range durability of there troops.

Infantry Class: The infantry class are the basic foot soldiers deployed by the Valkyrie Military. Standard weaponry is a Pulse Rifle and a Automatic Pulse Pistol. They are dark blue in colour and support basic shielding

Heavy Troops: The heavy troops are deployed in most combat situations. Pulse Launcher (Fuel-Rod gun) and a Semi-Auto Pulse Pistol. They are grey and dark blue and support Heavy-Grade Infantry Plasma Field Shielding capable of blocking up to Level 7 Lasers.

Snipers: The snipers make up one half of the Spec-Ops branch of the Durandal military. There only weapon is a Bolt-Action Pulse Rifle. They are steel (darkgrey) in colour and use both Stealth and Plasma shields.

Stealth troops: The Stealth troops are the second half of the Spec-Ops branch. They have Stealth generator system and use both Pulse Rifles and Semi-Auto Pulse Pistols. Black in appearance and have no shields.

The Valkyrie use two types of "tanks" for ground combat.
The Valkyrie Heavy Assault and Support Tank (HAST) is a combination of a heavy assault tank and a troop transporter.
The HAST's primary cannon is a Plasma Pulse Mortar, its secondary gun is a Anti-Infantry Pulse Turret.

The Heavy Assault Tank (HAT) is similar to the HAST but is used in combat roles only.
It uses a Pulse Twin cannon and a Pulse Turret, as well as 10 Plasma Drop Charges.
It uses a High-Intensity Plasma Shield for defense.

The Tempesta: The Valkyrie Tempesta is a Frigate class war ship. It uses a Level 4 plasma shield for defense.
It is heavily armed with 2 devastating Level 5 Pulse Cannons and Level 4 Plasma Auto-Turrets.
They are mostly black in appearance with dark blue and red detailing.

The Rapier: Only Three are known to exist. The Valkyrie only use a Rapier as a last resort, which has only occured once since there discovery.
The Rapier is second in size to the Rankore "Behemoth" Dreadknoughts, and despite there overall size they highly agile in combat.
Shielded with a Level 5 Fusion-Plasma shield and heavily armoured, the Rapiers are outfitted with Level 5 Twin Firing Plasma Auto-Cannons, Level 5 Plasma "Fuel Rod" Cannons and Level 5 Fusion-Pulse Rockets. The Rapier can also carry 3 Fusion-Ion bombs, capable of completly destroying anything within a 90mile radius and inflicting damage 35 miles outside of the 90mile kill zone.
They are all black in appearance. They extremely powerful and, much like the Rankore Dreaknoughts, not something you want to see entering the battle field.
They are in no way the same as the Rankore Dreadknought at all, they do not carry any troops aside from the 23 crew members.

The 3 Valkyrie Tempesta's:
Hope (Gareths ship)
- Dark blue and white in appearance
-All white with light blue highlights
- All black with white and dark blue highlights.

The Corvair: Dispatched mainly for air-to-air confrontations, the Corvairs are the only fighters used by the Durandals. Corvairs have Level 2 shielding and are armed with dual front mounted Level 3 Pulse cannons and Level 4 Ion-Pulse Rockets. They are dark blue and silver in colour.

The Solstice: The Solstice is the only troop carrier for the Valkyrie. They use a Level 3 Plasma shield and are armed with two front mounted Level 3 Plasma cannons. They are steel with dark blue in colouration.

Valkyrie Droids:
V-Automated Droid Scout Class
Roughly the size of two football wide and one long, the V-Automated Droid Scout Class are fast and lightweight.
They serve only one purpose, scoutinig and recon form behind enemy lines.
Equiped with an Environmental Camo System, they can easily blend into there surroundings, though this technology has its flaws it performs perfectly in shadows and at night.
There carry no weaponry as they need to be able to maneuever quickly and efficiently.
Black in appearance with two dark red lenses for a eyes.

V-Automated Droid Combat Class
Same size as the Scout Class droid, they carry two front mounted Level 3 lasers and one bottom mounted Level 4.
The Environmental Camo System is replaced with a shielding system able to withstan up to level 4 lasers effectively, level 5 can be blocked however it cancels the shield, leaving the droid open to attack
Dark blue in appearance with a single dark red lense for an eye.

Both droids use a simplified version of the Valkyrie Logic and AI program.
Scout droids use a more complicated system and due to there role in combat, use two eyes to bring everything it looks at into HD quality. An important feature when the collected data is being reviewed.

Alot of the early stuff is still being updated.

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Alice Greene
Alice Greene

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The Valkyrie:
(essentially the same as the race bio, but Valkyrie can technically be classified as Technology soo... yeah)

Created by The Ancients, the Valkyrie are super advanced race of synthetic androids.
Using a highly advanced sentient AI system, the original 50 Valkyrie have the same level of personality as any living creature.

Those who were not of the original 50 (those who were created after the Valkyrie established a means to create more of themselves) use a slightly simplified version of the same AI system. Though still sentient, they do not have the same level of personalization (they do not have unique personalities).

Valkyrie are composed of synthetic alloy, which is resistant to extreme temperatures of heat and cold though still can not block laser shots indefinitly.
Built in to there armor and sub-structure, they employ a host of Counter-EMP and Counter Cyber-Warfare systems. Making them near invulnerable to technology based attacks.

There appearance is humanoid with slightly exagerated features around the shoulders and chest (Valkyrie are male only),
this gives them the slight appearance of a knight in armour.

The Valkyrie use an advanced hydraulic micro-system that mimics organic muscle movement.

Despite there high military power, the Valkyrie are a neutral society and rarely go in to battle, unless threatened.

The other species of the galaxy know about the Valkyrie, but are considered a myth/legend by most due to the following:
The Valkyrie disappeared shortly after the Drandicar attempted and almost succeeded in a hostile takeover of The Valkyrie's home spacestation. It is there main center for there entire species and most importantly there military.
As a result, they vanished for just over 300 years.
During this time they have observed the other species and made changes to there own technology so that they may one day strike back at the Drandicar.

The Valkyrie have no actual leader aside from the High Council and a few select troopers from the events that took place 300 years ago.
The military will not take action unless the High Council deems it necessary.
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Alice Greene
Alice Greene

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Due to its size and potential, Valkyra is not only governed by the Valkyrie High Council but also by a highly advanced A.I. network system. The AI which has come to be known as Valyra is the only known female personality within the Valkyrie.
Valyra is in charge of the well being of Valkyra, having full unrestricted access to all systems.
Because of this, she is very closely governed by both the High Council and 5 Original Valkyrie.

Valyra has just begun her third life cycle (third format), due to age she has to be flashed every 300,000,000 years.
She is also in her seven millionth sub-format, this is because she needs to be upgraded constantly as the Valkyrie acquire and create new computer based technologies.

Valyra is responsible for all primary weapons systems, targeting for the massive orbital platform based cannons, shield monitoring as well as being the primary navigator when Valkyrie is in motion. She is also responsible for life support, though Valkyrie due require such things other races do.

Originally created by the Ancients, she is also responsible for the monitoring of all Valkyrie biped platforms... there are currently 739,601,398 and a half million currently active units in which she monitors. Only 29,184,213 units are currently ctive in the field, the other 710,417,185 units take up residence on Valkyra most of which are currently deactivated until they are required. 2,343,956 are currently active on Valkyra though most are in stand-by.
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The Technology of Corruption
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