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 The Hive Wars

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PostSubject: The Hive Wars   Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:57 am

It all started when the Tellorian pilot Veraal Des'en killed the Valzaren Emperor Sythylyss Rythulys. Des'en impaled him with a standard issue electrically charged sword. In an error of judgment, instead of pulling the blade out, he left it in. Rythulys collapsed onto a nearby console, linked to the door that the Valzarens had been trying so hard to open. The door creaked open, and many of the Valzaren workers crowded around to see what was within. They did not gain some great and powerful weapon, as their Emperor had promised them, but the hordes of the Vo 'Ren.

The Vo 'Ren swarmed out, converting all they found on the planet. The Allied forces pulled out, abandoning the now infested Valzarex Prime, evacuating only a few thousand civilians. It was the beginning of a ten year long war.

The Vo 'Ren swarmed across the galaxy, decimating hundreds of planets with their fearsome Collecterships. Six years into the war, a massive joint fleet of all the races that were able to muster enough ships cut into the heart of the Vo 'Ren infestation, the stricken Valzarex Prime. A team was sent down planetside, sucessfully deploying a Planetary Point Mass Bomb. The subsequent field destroyed the entire planet.

But the Vo 'Ren were not so easily silenced.

Months later, a reasurgence of the Vo 'Ren appeared. It became apparent the the Vo 'Ren had two hives. Only now, the sentiant races of the galaxy had no idea where the second hive was. It was four more years before they found it. In that time, the catastrophic invasions of Tellor IV, Rork, and many other planets took place.

At last, a Merryman Automated Drone was able to discover the hive's location. A second joint fleet was sent, to stop the Vo 'Ren once and for all. They had orginally intended to destroy the Hiveworld with a second point mass bomb. However, the ship carrying the bomb was destroyed. In a desperated bid to stop the Vo 'Ren, the allies determined that if the Vo 'Ren's central intelligence, the King, was killed, the other Vo 'Ren would die.

Ironically, the individual who spearheaded the assault was none other then Veraal Des'en. He led a squad down beneath the surface of the planet, battling through many Vo 'Ren Maidens to get there. At last, they came to the royal chamber. The king, a massive monsterous creature, quickly killed several squadmembers, and nearly killed Des'en. However, Des'en's electrically charged sword had become overcharge due to a nearby generator. Des'en stabbed it into the King's head, and it exploded, killing the King.

As predicted, the death of the king caused a chain reaction, killing all Vo 'Ren in the universe.

The Hive Wars were over.
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The Hive Wars
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