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 Outset Bios

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Anno 'R
Anno 'R

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PostSubject: Outset Bios   Mon May 30, 2011 10:10 am

Occupation: (I'd recomend sticking to Wanderers, and again, you cannot be a magician)


Name: William Wellford
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: William isn't particularly remarkable in appearance. He is athletic and somewhat muscled, but most wanderers are. He has green eyes, a light beard, and brown hair with a somewhat light skin color. He wears a brimless hat, a grey sweater and jeans, a bulletproof vest, and combat boots. For colder weather he has a coat and a heavy cloak with him. He also has a notable scottish accent.
Personality: William is mildly sarcastic, but otherwise is simply focused on both survival and exploration. He dislikes staying in one place for too long and prefers to wander. He is willing to have company in his wanderings, but has yet to find anyone who he felt like he wanted to stick with.
Weapons: William uses and M4 Carbine and a Clock 17 for his weapons.
Equipment: William has little in the way of equipment.
Occupation: Wanderer
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Alice Greene
Alice Greene

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PostSubject: Re: Outset Bios   Mon May 30, 2011 10:36 am

Name: Kianna Alexandra Ross
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Standing at 5'7", she has a strong build with a slim frame, athletic and very fast on her feet. Shoulder length black hair with a natural blonde streaked forelock that shes had since birth and bright gold/brown eyes the no one has been able to explain. Light skin, almost pale in appearance.
Generally wears anything she can move quickly in when on the run.
Torn pair of black cargo style pants, dirty and torn white tank top with an open vest worn over it and a dark brown duster style leather coat.
Armouring consists of a bullet proof vest under the coat with full length forearm guard armour and open finger leather gloves and shin guards.
(refer to picture below for overall body appearance)
Personality: Outgoing with an attitude, she tends to keep to herself but isn't afraid to start a fight if thats what it takes to survive.
Weapons: 10 round clip fed .32cal handgun, 6 round cylinder fed semi-auto shotgun, 5 round cylinder fed .45cal rifle and a Katana style sword.
Equipment: Standard survival gear consisting of a water flask, small first aid kit and a broken compass.
Occupation: Wanderer, takes odd jobs for money on occasion such as bounties or courier runs.
Backstory: An orphan since the day she was born, moving from family to family until she finally ran away at the age of 15. She knows little of her past and is in constant pursuit of finding out who she is.

(Appearance in terms of her eye and hair colour)

(Overall body appearance, this would be her casual look, much like Lilith's outfit from Borderlands)

(Duster coat)

(Vest is similar to this)

(forearm guards are similar to this but leather)


(shin guards are similar to this but are leather with under-padding)





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PostSubject: Re: Outset Bios   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:56 pm

Name: George Manteef

Age: 31

Gender: Male


Personality: Calm and adventurous he loves to explore the worn torn world. He favors freedom and hates being oppressed in most ways, which leads him to be a very stubborn man.

REC7 Assault Rifle

M1911 Pistol

Butterfly Knife

Equipment: Backpack, med-kit, bulletproof vest, and cryo-exhibitor (wrist mounted utility that can cause below freezing temperatures in a local area or specific area, enough to sot frostbite.)

Occupation: Wanderer
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PostSubject: Re: Outset Bios   

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Outset Bios
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