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 RP Idea proposal

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Anno 'R
Anno 'R

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PostSubject: RP Idea proposal   Sun May 29, 2011 10:38 pm

This is an idea I chatted about with Hybrid on Steam. I'm copying the chat and pasting it here.

[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Well, let's hear it.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Basically, there's magic and stuff, but it's kind of sort of post-apocalyptic... kind of. There's all sorts of ruined cities, and there's no intelligent, natural race aside from humans. And the ruined cities are all overgrown with plants and stuff. Cities have been built up, but they kinda look like medival cities. Except people have guns. Magicians and stuff are really, really rare because magic is hard to learn, and there are dragons too. But dragons are rare.
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Interesting...
[RES] RaptorRex1993: There's also regular wild animals, and some isolated areas have what are basically zombies. But zombies don't really spread.
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Kind of like a modernized fantasy MMO.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Yeah, kinda.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: The landscape is all forested and grassy and stuff, too. With big mountains.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: And caves.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: There are some supernatural creatures, but they're hard to find.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: There's also this sort of militariezed group that basically hordes all the technology.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: They're the villains.
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Kinda like the Alliance from Firefly.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Kinda.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: They've got futuristic armor, and they're bastards because they're trying to subjugate everybody. The reason they haven't yet is because everyone else has guns too.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: And there's some scientists who have futuristic tech who live in the good cities who help people out and stuff.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Then there's the magicians, who are usually mostly neutral and live out on there own, or with very few other people.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: So, what do you think?
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: It all sounds great. The only thing I've having trouble picturing is magicians going up against peoeple with guns... What do they look like?
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Oh, magicians look like normal people. But they can basically project bulletshields unless they're caught completely off guard, and it's hard to surprise a magician.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: The more skilled ones can freeze bullets in mid-air.
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Yeah, much better than imagining cloaks and staffs and pointy hats for them... xD
[RES] RaptorRex1993: There's some magicians who wear slightly outlandish clothing, but none of them wear anything like that.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: So, yeah, should I do anything with it?
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: It sounds like an interesting idea to say the least. I can't think of anything add myself, for the moment... I say use it somewhere.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: I might use it on Divnoid.
[S.A.J.] PredAlienHybrid: Yeah, that'd be awesome to try out Divnoid.
[RES] RaptorRex1993: Alright.

Note: You wouldn't be able to play as a magician if this takes off, they'd be used for plot. They're too powerful to be characters.
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Anno 'R
Anno 'R

Posts : 212
Join date : 2009-09-21
Age : 25
Location : In your Nightmares.

PostSubject: Re: RP Idea proposal   Mon May 30, 2011 9:52 am

Nobody really knows what happened. It was so long ago that the ancient cities look little like what they used to, what has been seen in aged texts. They are ruins, overgrown with forests and teeming with wild animals.

Or sometimes, worse.

But now, we have rebuilt. We have our own cities of stone and wood, to defend against the elements. Some of our cities hold scientists, who aid us with their technology, or magical artifacts. We have our defenses as well. We need our defenses, desperately.

Nobody knows what ECA stands for, but we know they are the enemy. The ECA possess technology greater then our own. While they use the same guns, they are equipped with armor and vehicles that far surpass our own. We are lucky that there attacks are intermittent, and that they can still be killed.


ECA: The ECA is a military organization that uses high-tech armor, standard weaponry, and high-tech vehicles. They are utterly ruthless and seek to subjagate all humanity, in the belief that it's for their own good.

The Free People: Everyone but the ECA. This encompasses citizens of towns and cities, wanderers, magicians, even bandits. They are all free from the ECA, and therefore are all considered Free People. (These are who you'll be playing as, most likely a wanderer.)

Magicians: Magicians are an enigmatic folk. They are those few who have mastered the ability to due magic. This process makes them cease to age and become immortal. Magicians are solitary, and often wholly neutral on the affairs of other humans. (You cannot play as a magician.)

Wanderers: People who do not stay in cities or villages for any substantial length of time.

Dragons: Pretty much what it sounds like, massive winged reptiles that breath fire. Utterly untameable.

Zombies: In certain isolated areas, or ruins, there dwell zombies. Zombies are undead monsters, reanimated human corpses that feed exclusively off of meat. They are easily avoided if one is careful, but can prove difficult to kill due to their numbers and somewhat high tolerance for damage. However, they will go down after a single shot to the head or several shots to the body.

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RP Idea proposal
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