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PostSubject: Poke-what?   Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:44 am

As I am sure some of you are aware, Anno and I would like to propose a new rp idea. This rp... is pokemon. Now I know what some of you may be thinking, "Pokemon? C'mon that's just silly". And the truth is... yeah, I suppose it is, but that's going to be the fun part about it. It's just meant to bring us back to our younger years, playin' on our gameboys with these little rascals, and joyful feeling of nostalgia. Obviously it's going to be a little more light hearted then some of our other rps, but that'll be another good experience.

If you are thinking of joining, but simply don't know alot about Pokemon or just can't see how it'll work in rp format, have no fear! Bulbapedia is here! This amazing source on anything involving pokemon will have an answer to any question involing your little pocket monsters; moves, evolutions, stats, ect. In the terms of how things will work in the rp, we're going to adopt a newer way of rping not used yet on this forum, modding. Basically, you have your character and pokemon you control, but rather then controlling NPCs and events that happen, another player will decide what happens to you. A more detailed description will be up in the disclaimer. The rp will basically be a rough combination of the Games and Anime. Your Pokemon get stronger and learn new moves via exp and level up but you don't need to teach your pokemon a useless move just so you can cut down a single tree that you could've easily slipped past. Player vs Player (when two human people decide to have a battle) battles are also very easy to do, they simply involve each person using a move, and in the next post the other person responds to the move and counter attacks and the cycle continues. The winner is decided by who is the most creative in their posts and executes the more devestating moves (Once again, Rules and disclaimer will give a more detailed description).

ANother unique feature will be the bio, which'll be set up similar to how the games asked about you, and instead of a full list on how you look, you can actually go ahead and make your own pokemon trainer sprites. I can either show you a video explaining how to make them or can request me to make one for you and listing the kinds of things you want your character to have.

As I said, this rp is just for fun and I can already see us having a great time mocking some of the ridiculous quirks the games and anime had. I think we should give it a shot, and see how it goes. I'll be making a disclaimer that be ALOT more detailed and will cover EVERYTHING. So yeah, what are the people thinking about this?
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