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 Earth: Insurgency

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PostSubject: Earth: Insurgency   Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:57 pm

April 21st, 2013

"My fellow Americans, today marks the end of our age. During a revolutionary exploration to Mars, the astronauts have uncovered something extraordinary, an artifact that reveals that we're not the only intelligent life forms in the galaxy. I'm sorry to say, that we've found ourselves at the start of a war. They've come to our planet, they've already destroyed half our cities and enslaved most of us. This is an age of distraught, destruction, and reckoning. We're doing everything we can, I am not sure how long we'll stand, but they seem to show no mercy. This will be the last broadcast ever, but we'll get through this together. Please find a safe spot with plenty of food and rations. This will be a long age of suffering."

The TV transmission broad casted throughout the world in the different languages of countries, through the screens that were still working, to the people that could still listen. The people that were left scurried to the safest location they could find: underground tunnels, basements, already abandoned locations. Humanity has found themselves stuck in a war, one they could have never expected, one that could end their species as a whole. Now, it is 2026, the remnants of human society gathered in different locations...ready to fight back for their homes. This has become an insurgency for Earth.
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Earth: Insurgency
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