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 Arthur Clarke Fights the Bad Zombies

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PostSubject: Arthur Clarke Fights the Bad Zombies   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:45 am

Or: Dead Space, as viewed by someone with the brain functions of pond scum.

Note: This is real.

There was a time when in the really future that Arthur clark Isaac clark's brother was walking through a dead space ship that was relly dark and scarry. He had a sute that was like borthers that was an armor that protected him and had a vizar that had a blue glowing. He was look for thing in space ship that was to fix ship computer for to escapes. Suddenly when he walk down a a hall there was a sudden sombie that tried to slash of head face for Arthur clark.

Arthur clark was scarred, but he was not scar too much for the fight, swo he took out plasma gun and shot xombies in face. zombit was fdor kill dead, but not reall. So Arthur clark was on floor and hurt, but he took plasma gun and shot xomite in aRMS sand then xombie was dead real.

Arthur clark saw zombie on floor and dead, so he said, "this zimbie is not humen no more, zso I get kill zombies all."

Then Arthur clark was walking through ship some more and eas almost at place with computer part, when a pwrson ulmosti in armos like arthur clark cam and sayd, "Arthur clark, you are here to save humens on dead space ship!"

arthur ckarl was saad when he saw thast humen was hurt and bloord, and he said, "I will help you, humne surbivor!"

And the humen suvrovor was following arthiur crlank now, and he was happier.

Arthur clark saw that there was a pulse wepon on the floor, so he pecked it up and put some bullets in it. He then gave the survivor a plasma gun, because he dine't have a gut to shoot the zombhie with that would try to kill his faces.

In the room that has all the computer stuf, Arthur clark opened door and saw that it was full of xombi! He pull out gun and shoot xombie, snd they were hard to dead. There was a zombie then saw with big someach, and it was move weird to look at.

Arthur clark saif to the survivor, "don't shoot stomach opf xonnbie!"

But soo late, because the survivor aleradhy shot someach. Wen shot tomecahc, a lot of litte zombie things shoot out and junop on surbviior, but Arthur clark shoot thenm and other zomnoie.

"That was stupid," arthur clark saud to survivor, "nevt time you die!"

And then Arthur clark remembered that the people he was there was his girlfriend, so he say to survivor, "we have to save goirl friend of mine ho is named Jenny daniels."

And survivor say, "okay."

So Arthur clark and survivor was walking an dpace ship to find nicorle daniels when the holograpm face was on Arthurs sreen and it was zak hammind. And zak hammind say, "Arthur, that computer part was too bad to use, and you must get othewr computet part from other ship that is crahs!"

So Arthur clark sway, "I want find Jenny daniels, but ship must fix."

So Arthur clark co long way to other side of ship wher other ship was crash. On ship soldier zombie was bad fast, so Arthur clark was to shoot faster than fast.

"there are evil fast xombie," said survivor, "there are xombie called nocromiff."

"xombie call nocromiff?" oarthur clark say.

Survivor nod yes.

Then survovir say, "sience made zombies, snd if I was help!"

Arthur clark gaspd.

"you make nocromiff!" Arthur clark said, "and you must be doctor mercer!"

"yes, but now we must kill nocromiff!"

"okay," Arthur clark say, "these nocromiff not humen no more, so we kill them dead to death!"

Then Arthur clark turn around ands sees giant slug nocromiff that hass in tentacle Jenny daniels, Arthur clark's girlfriend! Who say, "halps me, Arthur!"

So Arthur clark jump in big mass gun that spins like seat.

And then Arthur clark say, "this big nocromiff evil, and evil must stop!"

So he shoot giant slug thing in yellow thing that glow, and slug thing spray yellow stuff everywhere as it died in pain. Jenny daniels fell out of tentacle and walked fast to Arthur clark and Arthur clark walked fast to Jenny daniels.

"you saved me, Arthur clark," said Jenny daniels.

"yes I did," Arthur clark said, "because I wear as suit that is like armour and has a viser that is blue glowing and that is reall cool like future robot things!"

But then Arthur clark was stabed in the leg by the nocromiff stab thing on arms and said, "ow!"

And Jenny daniels said, "oh noes!"

So Arthur clark turnted around and saw that dr mercer was a zonbie now!

Sol Aruthr clark pull out sombie hand and step on mercer's stab so that it came off in a lot of blood and thing.

"I am evil zombie now," mercer said with an evil laughing.

But when Arthur clark was going to get attacked by him again Jenny daniels shot the arm and the haed and the leg and the other leg of mercer so that he was dead ewith lots of blood and tenatavcle.

And Arthur clark was now fix computer for them to escape and then they did.
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Arthur Clarke Fights the Bad Zombies
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