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PostSubject: BATMAN!!!!   Sat May 22, 2010 10:55 pm

You shot my parents/You killed my parents. Raising in hell in Gotham City, with your welcoming committee,
shot them both and left the crime scene, took my oath to keep the streets clean... I lost my parents...


Now I belong, the night falls, day breaks, white walls, back aches, I AM THE DARK KNIGHT!/VIOLENCE, UNREST!

I AM THE BATMAN NOW! And no one can know my alter ego is BRUCE WAYNE! Or is it Batman?! Which is a masked man now. I'm JUST A MAN! No super powers spend my hours, ON THE COMPUTER! Keeping an eye on the Arkham Asylum. And I AM THE BATMAN NOW! The caped crusader/the batman! No one is safe when I'm around, under the ground, I can't be found, that's why I'm world RENOWNED! Without a sound! You're gagged and bound, and what's worse your surrounded. Playboy by day, crimefighter by night, your in my sight, so do whats right, no devils dance in the moonlight! I am the BATMAN NOW! Batmans' insane, Batman's Bruce Wayne, JOKER IS KILLING/CATWOMAN'S HIDING, ALFRED IS WRITING/ROBIN IS FIGHTING, You took my PARENTS!/You killed my parents! Batman's here! And I know what the heart of Gotham City wants!

"Max, whaddaya want for dinner?"

"JUSTICE! With a side order of SPAGHETTI!"
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