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 Anno 'R's Reviews

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Anno 'R

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PostSubject: Anno 'R's Reviews   Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:00 am

Hello, and welcome to Anno 'R's reviews. My reviews are completely biased, but at least I'll be honest in my opinion on whatever it is I'm reviewing.

Which could be movies, books, or games.

My first two reviews will be my two most favorite examples of their respective genres: Animated Films and Graphic Novels.

First, the Animated film.

Watership Down(1978)

Let me first start by saying that this is my favorite animated film of all time. So if you came to read a review about a crappy movie, you came to wrong place.

Watership Down is based off of a 1972 novel by the same name, written by british author Richard Adams. The story is about a group of rabbits who, after a member of their warren forsees a terrible event, flee to find a new home. At first, this may seem like a children's film, from the story.

It's not. While the rabbits can talk, have their own culture, and even their own language, the also have deep characterization that would certainly be lost on a child. Also, both a film and the book have a dark and violent atmosphere. While the book and the film share the same events, the film is obviously more violent and frightening due to the fact that you can actually see it.

The characters are Fiver, a runt with the ability to see into the future(albiet rather hazily), Hazel, Fiver's brother, and leader of the group that flees the warren, and several other characters who flee with them. I would explain, but if you're that curious, I'll be attaching a link to the movie on Youtube.

The film opens with a simply animated, cartoonish telling of the ficticous creation myth believed by the film's rabbits. After the myth concludes, the film switches to a naturalistic style. The rabbits are only given facial expressions, gestures, and the ability to speak. Beyond that, they are not anthropomorphised.

Let me say that the animation in beautiful. Everything flows smoothly, and looks realistic. The characters fit perfectly in with a watercolor backgrounds.

Another aspect I want to praise is the voice acting. John Hurt is amazing as Hazel, and although I cannot recall the names of the other voice actors, they are fantastic in their roles as well.

I'd go further, but I'm running a no-spoilers review here. If you want to know the story, watch it for yourself:


I'll have the gaphic novel review up later.
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PostSubject: anno's stuff   Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:00 pm

I don't know, I saw most of it......I don't like it...
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Anno 'R's Reviews
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